Liam And Noel Gallagher Are Reportedly Working On Something New Together, But It’s Not Oasis Music

Based on the animus that Liam and Noel Gallagher have shown toward each other for years and continue to exhibit, it doesn’t feel like the brothers are gearing up to reunite Oasis any time soon. It does appear the pair is working on something new together, though, and it may even be related to Oasis.

The Sun reports that the brothers have established a company called Kosmic Kyte, which is officially described as being for “motion picture production activities.” Both Gallaghers are listed as being involved with the venture, along with Alec McKinlay, who runs Ignition, the firm that manages them. Given the success of recent biopics about Queen and Elton John, perhaps it’s possible that the duo is eying a movie about Oasis.

There was a hint recently that Liam and Noel might be up to something together, as in December, Liam tweeted at his brother and declared that “2021 is our year.”

In 2017, Liam gave his picks for who would play his brother and himself in a biopic, disparagingly choosing Rowan Atkinson for Noel: “Mr. Bean for Noel, because he’s annoying, isn’t he? You just want to punch his f*cking head in and be like, ‘Stop f*cking about, mate.'” As for himself, his pick is friend, actor, and former Super Furry Animals member Rhys Ifans, saying, “I don’t wanna go down the sexy hunky route, so none of that Tom Hardy nonsense for me. Rhys Ifans would be good for me. He’s a bit out there. Rhys and Mr. Bean. There you go.”