Matty Healy Checked A The 1975 Fan’s ID, Then Gave Them Their First Kiss At A Concert

When going to a The 1975 concert on their current At Their Very Best tour, it feels like anything can happen. Pretty much anything has, whether Matty Healy is eating raw meat, singing Maroon 5, or making out with fans. There’s actually some news on the latter front: At a recent show, after taking the proper precautions, Healy gave a fan their first kiss.

The fan, who goes by Carmen Mattson on TikTok, shared a video of the experience. They were at the front of the crowd at The 1975’s December 14 show in Minneapolis, holding a sign that says, “Be my first kiss, I’m 22.” From the stage between songs, Healy read the sign aloud, noting of the part about her age, “That’s important.” After considering the request for a couple seconds, Healy said, “Yeah, a hundred percent,” and made his way down to Mattson.

He quickly U-turned, though, to say into the mic, “You better not be f*cking 16,” after which Mattson offered to show her ID to prove her age. She handed that to a security guard and Healy grabbed it, bending it, biting it, and otherwise verifying its authenticity. He then approached the fan, grabbed her face, asked if she was ready and if this was really about to be her first kiss. He then went in, giving her a long closed-mouth kiss and a second shorter one before returning to the stage.

Check out videos of the moment above and below.