Michelle Revealed Their ‘Glow’ EP Release Date And Tracklist With Their Gleaming Single, ‘Never Again’

Last October, Michelle announced their Glow EP alongside two singles, “Agnostic” and “Glow.” The project will follow 2022’s After Dinner We Talk Dreams and its subsequent tour. The New York-based collective comprised of Sofia D’Angelo, Julian Kaufman, Charlie Kilgore, Layla Ku, Emma Lee, and Jamee Lockard gave listeners another glimpse at what can be expected from Glow with the release “Never Again” this morning, January 11.

In the gentle yet alluring song, Michelle collectively lament repeatedly investing in the wrong person — or being wronged by the last person they’d expect — and vow not to make the same mistake, singing, “Never again, never with you / I wanna rewind and undo / Start at the end, try something new.”

“The hallmarks of Michelle’s music — layered vocal harmonies, analog synthesizers, vibrant percussion, smoldering hooks — dominate the sonic landscape of their upcoming EP, with the four female vocalists pushing the boundaries of their considerable singing talents while Charlie and Julian fine-tune the production,” a press release explains of Glow, due out February 9. “Despite all the tinkering elsewhere, it is important to note that the vocals remain largely untouched and appear in their organic state. Songs hop across genres, from funky R&B to bedroom slow jams to amped-up beat-heavy anthems and more.”

Watch the “Never Again” visualizer above, and check out the Glow tracklist below.

Michelle’s Glow tracklist

1. “Glow”
2. “DNR”
3. “On The Line”
4. “Agnostic”
5. “Never Again”