Noah Kahan’s New Album ‘Stick Season (Forever)’: Everything To Know Including The Release Date, Tracklist, And More

Noah Kahan is planning to build on the popularity of his Stick Season album by releasing a final extended version titled Stick Season (Forever). This new release will feature two collaborations with Brandi Carlile and Gregory Alan Isakov, as Kahan remixes tracks from the original record.

Ahead of the Forever version, here’s everything to know about it.

Release Date

Stick Season (Forever) is out 2/9 via Mercury. Find more information here.


1. “Northern Attitude”
2. “Stick Season”
3. “All My Love”
4. “She Calls Me Back”
5. “Come Over”
6. “New Perspective”
7. “Everywhere, Everything”
8. “Orange Juice”
9. “Strawberry Wine”
10. “Growing Sideways”
11. “Halloween”
12. “Homesick”
13. “Still”
14. “The View Between Villages”
15. “Your Needs, My Needs”
16. “Dial Drunk
17. “Paul Revere”
18. “No Complaints”
19. “Call Your Mom”
20. “You’re Gonna Go Far”
21. “The View Between Villages (Extended)”
22. “Forever”
23. “Dial Drunk (Remix)” Feat. Post Malone
24. “Call Your Mom (Remix)” Feat. Lizzy McAlpine
25. “She Calls Me Back (Remix)” Feat. Kacey Musgraves
26. “Northern Attitude (Remix)” Feat. Hozier
27. “Everywhere, Everything (Remix)” Feat. Gracie Abrams
28. “Homesick (Remix)” Feat. Sam Fender
29. “You’re Gonna Go Far (Remix)” Feat. Brandi Carlile
30. “Paul Revere (Remix)” Feat. Gregory Alan Isakov


Kahan has released quite a few singles over the past few months, including all of his remixed collaborations — save for Carlile and Isakov’s.


He has a ton of features on the album. The two new ones are Brandi Carlile and Gregory Alan Isakov. They will be joining Post Malone, Lizzy McAlpine, Hozier, Sam Fender, Kacey Musgraves, and Gracie Abrams.


The cover art is still TBA.


Kahan will be touring North America and Europe throughout this year. While most of the dates are sold out, you can find a complete list and more information on his website.