Paramore’s New ‘Running Out Of Time’ Video Is An Unpredictable Fever Dream

Paramore’s highly anticipated new album This Is Why is out now. To celebrate, they recently took the groovy track “Running Out Of Time” to Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a charismatic performance. Now, they’ve unveiled the music video for that song.

The music videos thus far have been overflowing with weirdness. “This Is Why” was packed with unhinged dance moves, and Hayley Williams looked a little possessed in “The News.” “Running Out Of Time” is a fever dream of eccentric outfits, crazy hairdos, and unpredictable choreography. It’s safe to say they, ironically, took their time with it.

Williams recently explained that “Running Out Of Time” was inspired by Taylor Swift. “I remember when we were 19 and I was closer with Taylor Swift at that point because we both lived in Nashville and we’re both experiencing our own versions of real success for the first time,” Williams recalled. “I went over to hang out. She’s a really good cook, by the way. She’s a really good cook. She has taught me how to make stuff that I did not retain at all.”

Swift’s productivity made her realize her own faults. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, my life is so not together.’ I was like, ‘I can barely remember to send someone a card or flowers.’ There are still Christmas gifts at my house that I have not sent to my friends just sitting there in the back of my closet,” Williams said.

Watch the “Running Out Of Time” music video above.

Paramore is a Warner Music artist. .