Phoebe Bridgers Sings ‘Kyoto’ From The ‘Oval Office’ In Her NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Phoebe Bridgers debuted her highly-anticipated sophomore record Punisher during the pandemic lockdown. Since the singer wasn’t able to tour behind the album, she was forced to get creative about sharing her music via livestreams, like when the singer sang from her bathtub on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and hosted a “world tour” with stops in her kitchen, bathroom, and bed. So when Bridgers was asked to bring her music to an at-home NPR Tiny Desk concert, the singer found the perfect location to accompany her wistful ballads — the White House’s Oval Office (a decent replica, anyway).

Poised infront of a green screen, Bridgers and her band projected themselves behind the Oval Office’s iconic desk for their performance. Bridgers dressed up in her best power suit while her backup band sported secret service-like attire, complete with black suits and ear pieces. After giving a rendition of her Punisher single “Kyoto,” Bridgers introduced herself with: “I hope everybody’s enjoying their apocalypse.”

Along with singing “Kyoto,” Bridgers and her band performed the lovelorn track “Moon Song” and closed the set with her doomsday-ready song “I Know The End.” For the closing track, Bridgers and her band crowdsourced videos of fans dancing along to the track in their cars, homes, and even a graveyard.

Watch Phoebe Bridgers perform from the “Oval Office” in her NPR Tiny Desk Concert above.

Punisher is out now via Dead Oceans. Get it here.