Phoebe Bridgers And Arlo Parks Turn In A Serene Cover Of A Radiohead Classic

Virtually every boundary-pushing indie artist won’t deny that Radiohead inspired them at one point or another. Subsequently, the group has been covered a lot, and the latest artist to pay homage in this way is Phoebe Bridgers. She performed a Radio 1 Piano Session, with Arlo Parks doing the ivory-tickling, and they gave a rendition of “Fake Plastic Trees,” with Bridgers delicate and powerful voice soaring over Parks’ piano and backing vocals. The pair also linked up for a performance of Bridgers’ “Kyoto.”

Bridgers has covered the indie legends before. In fact, she covered “Fake Plastic Trees” at a performance in a London church in 2017. The next summer, she joined Mumford & Sons during a surprise Newport Folk Festival set to cover the 2007 In Rainbows highlight “All I Need.”

Bridgers has been active in recent days aside from this. She recently contributed to a star-studded benefit album. She performed an intimate show at the huge LA Colosseum. Other things she has gotten up to lately include appearing on Zack Fox’s wild new Twitch show, make out with an old woman in the “I Know The End” video, virtually collaborate with Gillian Welch for a cover, and, of course, re-live the time she pooped her pants on stage.

Watch Bridgers and Parks perform “Fake Plastic Trees” and “Kyoto” above.