Porches Relives The Horrors Of High School Gym Class In His Theatrical ‘Patience’ Video

Porches has been teasing a follow-up to his 2018 album The House since the beginning of last year when he shared the single “Rangerover.” The singer, born Aaron Maine, has finally detailed his upcoming record Ricky Music after debuting the single “Do U Wanna.” Porches is back with another taste of Ricky Music, this time with the slow-burning number “Patience.”

In the accompanying video, Maine experiences the trauma of high school gym class. Directed by Nick Harwood and Maine himself, the singer sports subtle clown makeup and performs in front of fellow students. As the song erupts in a cacophony of synths, the students begin to pummel Maine with basketballs. The singer’s only solace is found by sitting atop the gym’s basketball hoop.

In a statement, the singer said the track is meant to evoke making dumb decisions with someone you care about. “’Patience’ feels like holding hands jumping out of a tree, and all you can do is laugh at the mess you’ve gotten yourselves into, while the two of you spiral towards the grass in a beautiful sunset,” said Maine.

Maine also detailed his upcoming record in a statement, saying it pulls inspiration from all the places he’s traveled while on tour:

“My new album, Ricky Music, was written and recorded between Dec 2017 and the spring of 2019. Mostly in New York at my apartment, but some of it in Chicago, Los Angeles, and various cities while touring around Europe. This record is an account of the beauty, confusion, anger, joy and sadness I experienced during that time. I think I was as lost as I was madly in love. In these songs I hear myself sometimes desperate for clarity, and other times, having enough perspective to laugh at myself in some of my darkest moments. That’s sort of what this album is about, I hope you enjoy it.”

Watch “Patience” above.

Ricky Music is out 03/13 via Domino. Pre-order it here.