Prince’s Ashes Will Be On Display At Paisley Park On The Fifth Anniversary Of His Death

It’s been a strange past few days when it comes to one specific area of musical news: eyebrow-raising things being done with the ashes of deceased music legends. Earlier this week, one of Lemmy Kilmister’s friends received a bullet filled with the late rocker’s ashes, as the singer requested before his death. Now, it has been revealed that Prince’s ashes will also be subject to some unusual treatment.

The fifth anniversary of Prince’s death is coming up and to mark the occasion, Paisley Park officials are putting Prince’s ashes on display in the Minnesota compound. There will be no regular tours that day, but fans fortunate enough to reserve a visit through the Paisley Park website will be allowed in on April 21 for a 30-minute visit to the atrium. There will be 70 time slots available, with each slot limited to just 20 visitors.

Paisley Park Executive Director Alan Seiffert said in a statement, “We celebrate his life and legacy every day at Paisley Park, a place that Prince wanted to share with the world. So, on this day especially, we acknowledge the incredible force and inspiration Prince is in people’s lives and open up our doors for them to pay their respects.”