Pup Rip Through A Raucous NPR Tiny Desk Concert From Their Living Room

Following the release of last year’s aptly-titled EP This Place Sucks Ass, Toronto pop punk outfit Pup got together to showcase their wildly energetic stage presence on NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series. Performing a set from the comfort of vocalist Stefan Babcock’s apartment, Pup ripped through a handful of their raucous tunes.

After kicking off their set with their EP’s opener “Rot,” Babcock introduced the band by acknowledging their noisiness. “My neighbors hate us, and I don’t blame them,” he said. Then, the band swiftly moved into a rendition of their catchy tunes “Kids,” “Reservoir,” and “Scorpion Hill.”

Ahead of the release of their 2020 EP, Pup sat down with Uproxx’s Steven Hyden to discuss the making of their acclaimed LP Morbid Stuff. Describing how they managed to turn their existential dread into neatly packaged pop punk tunes, Pup’s drummer Zack Mykula said, “We still want to be a fun band, and that’s always been the goal. It’s like, you gotta pick your times to be the overbearing doomsayer, and I think we’re pretty good at juxtaposing those elements.” Babcock continued, “I don’t want leave anyone on a hopeless note. The whole point of this band is to feel like you can do something positive with something that is absolute garbage.”

Watch Pup’s NPR Tiny Desk concert above.

This Place Sucks is out now via BMG. Get it here.