Josh Homme Sings About His ‘Paper Machete’ Ex-Wife On A Biting New Queens Of The Stone Age Single

Over the past few years, there has been bad blood between Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme and ex-wife Brody Dalle. He addressed all that in a statement earlier this year, and now he’s singing about it on the new Queens Of The Stone Age single “Paper Machete.”

In a recent NME interview, Homme was asked, “On ‘Paper Machete,’ you sing about your separation from your wife. Did it feel exposing to write about a topic that’s clearly still so raw?” He replied, “I’m supposed to write about my life. It’s supposed to be real and honest. Am I supposed to write about the mating call of the upchuck swallow? All it’s really supposed to be is as real, honest, and vulnerable as it can be, because that’s my job. How many songs have been written about break-ups, or get-togethers? That’s what they’re for, right? ‘One is the loneliest number…’ It goes on and on. So I don’t worry about that. What would be the possible worry about speaking from an honest spot in yourself?”

On the song, Homme doesn’t hold back with lyrics like, “The truth is just a peace of clay / You sculpt, you change, you hide, then you erase / You think you’re brave? / All the plans you made / Behind my back and from far away? / Truth is, face to face, you’re a coward / Sharp as a paper machete.”

Listen to “Paper Machete” above. Yesterday, the band released a video for recent single “Carnavoyeur,” so find that below.

In Times New Roman… is out 6/16 via Matador. Find more information here.