Remi Wolf Releases Eye-Popping Videos For ‘Anthony Keidis’ And ‘Front Tooth’

Ahead of releasing her debut album, Juno, Los Angeles experimental rap-pop standout Remi Wolf has shared two new tracks, “Anthony Keidis” and “Front Tooth,” which follow “Guerrilla” and “Sexy Villain.” Both tracks also got the video treatment, with Remi walking down Hollywood Boulevard on the Chili Peppers-referencing track and punching it out with boxing gloves in “Front Tooth.” Both clips are also loudly patterned (as you should always expect with Remi Wolf), with bright, eye-popping, extremely Gen-Z aesthetics.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Remi said the name Juno was meant to pay homage to her dog. “Juno was there for the writing of every song on the album. He was my buddy every second of the day: Peeing on the floor, puking everywhere.”

She also touched on the album’s content, saying, “It’s a very LA record,” Wolf says. She’s also been bowled over by the massive fan response, which has been amplified by co-signs from big names like Willow, John Mayer, and Camila Cabello. Commenting on playing a show in Brooklyn, she said the fan attention “was quite a wake-up call. People knew my lyrics and they were screaming them back at me. It was super crazy — about the biggest energy exchange I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Watch both “Anthony Keidis” and “Front Tooth” above. Juno drops 10/15 via Island. Pre-order it here.