Rhye Follows ‘Beautiful’ With An Equally Stunning Video For The Single

The world remains home due to the pandemic while LA-based singer Mike Milosh, who assumes the moniker Rhye, keeps up his creativity. The singer is encouraging listeners to continue to seek out the beauty in the world with his picturesque track “Beautiful.” Now, Rhye follows the single with an intricately-filmed video to accompanying the shimmering track.

Though Rhye’s “Beautiful” video features a few characters, the entire visual was shot maintaining social distancing practices. Directed and shot by Rhye himself, the musician was able to execute each shot while keeping his distance using a telephoto lens. Showing intertwining clips of women moving through a scenic desert landscape, Rhye’s visual reflects the song’s theme of finding beauty in everyday life.

In an interview with Vanity Fair alongside the video’s debut, Rhye detailed his inspiration while songwriting: “When I’m working on a song, it’s like the rest of the world falls away, and I’m in this weird little tiny world — it’s just me and the song that I’m working on. You’re in that very sacred, special place when you’re making something.”

Ahead of the visual’s release, Rhye detailed his 72-hour livestream project “A Beautiful Weekend,” offering his advice for remaining sane during quarantine:

“As we all share in this collective crazy moment that is quarantine, there are many ways to deal with the isolation, many ways we can truly fall into ourselves. For me, celebrating the beauty that is my partner has been a huge inspiration for me and a saving grace. Beauty is something we truly need to be open to in this moment. Find it in music, art, your loved ones, or yourself.”

Watch Rhye’s “Beautiful” video above.