Sega Bodega Sings To A ‘True’ Little Angel In His Final Pre-Release Single From ‘Dennis’

Sega Bodega had one more single in his back pocket ahead of releasing Dennis, his album due out on Friday, April 26, and he deployed it this morning (April 22). The Paris-based artist and producer has dropped “True” alongside a lyric video.

The songs sets a delicate tone to start, with Bodega singing, “True little angel, hold me / Keep it true / Little angel told me / What to do.” Drums enter for a more ominous feel, and Bodega’s vocals are hushed in delivery but clear in message: “I cannot promise you a single thing, but I’ll try.” As the song progresses, the beat speeds up to create a sense of urgency.

“The intention with this album was to create a feeling of being as disorientated as I was for the past couple of years,” Bodega said of Dennis in a press release statement. “With AI and technology moving as fast as it is, I can imagine the possibility of making ‘worlds’ with ‘people’ inside who don’t know they’re not real. Who’s to say that I’m not already one of them?”

Prior to “True,” Bodega released “Kepko,” “Elk Skin,” and “Set Me Free, I’m An Animal.” The album’s vinyl release is set for May 6, but you can pre-order it here.

Listen to “True” above, and find more information about Bodega’s album below.

Sega Bodega’s Dennis Album Cover Art

Sega Bodega Dennis cover art 2024
Ambient Tweets
Aidan Zamiri

Sega Bodega’s Dennis Tracklist

1. “Coma Dennis”
2. “Adulter8”
3. “Elk Skin”
4. “Kepko”
5. “Dirt”
6. “Set Me Free, I’m An Animal”
7. “Deer Teeth”
8. “True”
9. “Tears & Sighs”
10. “Humiliation Doesn’t Leave A Mark”
11. “Coma Salv”

Dennis is out 4/26 via Ambient Tweets. Find more information here.