Sharon Van Etten Showcases Her Fantastic Voice In A Enchanting Performance On NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’

Sharon Van Etten is reaping the benefits of being a household name in the indie music scene. She started her career at a young age in 2004 and has since put out a number of classic albums, made a biopic about her life, recorded a song with Jeff Goldblum, and performed on NPR’s highly coveted music showcase Tiny Desk, twice. Van Etten first performed in NPR’s studios back in 2010 and she returned nearly ten years later, proving her talent has only refined in the span of all those years.

Van Etten opened with “Comeback Kid” and moved on to performing “You Shadow” and “Seventeen,” all off her latest record Remind Me Tomorrow. While her last Tiny Desk performance was accompanied by just a guitar and one back-up singer, Van Etten made her triumphant return backed by two synths and a keyboard. Van Etten manages to create a full and encompassing sound with her throaty-yet-dynamic voice in the small NPR studio.

Ahead of her performance on Tiny Desk, the singer announced a biopic about her life which debuted on Amazon in late September. The documentary, Departure, follows the ups and downs of her lengthy career in music, and how she broke out into the New York City music scene after moving and knowing virtually no one.

Watch Sharon Van Etten in her captivating Tiny Desk performance here.