Snail Mail Delivers A Hauntingly Beautiful Cover Of Little Joy’s ‘Evaporar’

Snail Mail has remained relatively quiet since the release of their 2018 debut record Lush, with the exception of the 2019 Courtney Love cover “The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl In The World.” Snail Mail discretely released a new song Wednesday, and it’s another cover. This time, vocalist Lindsey Jordan and bassist Alex Bass try their hand at a cover of Little Joy’s track “Evaporar.”

A side project of The Strokes’ Fabrizio Moretti, Los Hermanos’ Rodrigo Amarante, and Binki Shapiro, Little Joy only put forth one record, their 2018 self-titled project. “Evaporar” arrives as the last track on the record, with emotive acoustic guitar and a lo-fi vocal track carrying the listener through the last four minutes of the band’s only project.

Snail Mail attempts to re-create a similar energy on the cover but replaces the acoustic guitar with brighter chords. Jordan also does her best to execute the song’s Portuguese lyrics, which make up the entirety of the track. Though she’s clearly not a native speaker, Jordan’s muted cadence still does the song justice.

Snail Mail’s “Evaporar” continues Jordan’s affection for covers, especially while on tour. Along with Little Joy and Courtney Love covers, Snail Mail has given their own renditions of the Goo Goo Dolls, Mitski, The Hummingbirds, and Sheryl Crow.

Listen to “Evaporar” above.