Soccer Mommy Shares A Bright Rendition Of Sheryl Crow’s ‘Soak Up The Sun’

Last year, Soccer Mommy ventured into a haunted, shoegazy direction with her album Sometimes, Forever. Around that time, she told The New York Times about her appreciation for Sheryl Crow. “She has so many songs that are these massive hits that, at least for someone my age, you can’t have grown up and not heard those songs,” she said. “She has a knack for saying something hard, but making it feel like she’s ready to acknowledge it and be cool with this hard acceptance.”

Now, she’s fittingly back with a Crow cover. She took on the country star’s hit “Soak Up The Sun” and made it her own with a lighthearted instrumentation and her soaring vocals. It’s brighter and closer to her earlier material.

In our 2022 interview with the indie artist, she discussed the music industry. “When it comes to artistry, there’s a strive for perfection and for success and all of these things, but all of that comes with playing the game,” she said. “You can’t just make this perfect album and pop it on the internet and have this amazing rollout. Like, it doesn’t happen if you’re not already hugely successful.”

Listen to her cover of “Soak Up The Sun” above.