Sturgill Simpson Is Working On A ‘Sound & Fury’ Graphic Novel As A Prequel To The Netflix Anime Show

When Sturgill Simpson released his LP Sound & Fury in 2019, he wasn’t just working on music. He was also developing an accompanying anime show on Netflix, which reportedly cost his label $1.2 million. Following the show’s popularity, Simpson is now expanding on his Sound & Fury world with an accompanying graphic novel.

Simpson’s Sound & Fury will be a prequel to the story laid out in his Netflix series. It’s being written by bestselling comic book writers Jason Aaron and Ryan Cady with art by Takashi Okazaki, Vasilis Lolos, Rosi Kampe, Rufus Dayglo and Deathburger. Available through Z2 Comics, Sound & Fury will, according to its description, detail the “world before the corporate apocalypse brought on by Slick and Slim and the 1,000 Likes Corporation and the period after.”

This is not the first time Z2 Comics has teamed up with a musician for a project. Mitski collaborated with the comic book company to write a score to accompany the graphic novel This Is Where We Fall, which is slated for a release in May. About the project, she said it was able to push her creativity into new territory. “It was exciting to make a soundtrack for a comic book,” she said. “It allowed me to work outside of my usual songwriting form and try to approach it like a score, but without any of the cues that come with working alongside a moving image, which ended up being both freeing and challenging.”

Pre-order Sound & Fury through Z2 Comics here.

Sturgill Simpson is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.