Sufjan Stevens Tapped The ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Director For His ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Video

After releasing two separate albums, it’s safe to say that Sufjan Stevens had a productive 2020. The first was Aporia, an instrumental New Age LP that he wrote with his stepfather and Asthmatic Kitty record label co-found Lowell Brams. For his next record The Ascension, however, Stevens with back to his folk roots to creative a captivating collection of songs.

Now following up on The Ascension‘s September release, Stevens returns to share a video for his track “Tell Me You Love Me.” To help with the visual, Stevens tapped acclaimed Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino to spearhead the project. The result is touching, featuring dancers slowly moving around to Stevens’ poignant lyrics.

The visual is the first solo project Stevens has put out this year, but its not the only music he’s shared so far. In January, the singer revealed that he had teamed up with CJ Camerieri to feature on CARM’s debut record alongside Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. After working with Stevens, Camerieri praised the singer’s natural talent: “Sufjan’s use of orchestral instruments set the stage for everything I’ve done in my career,” Camerieri said. “He was the first artist I toured and recorded with after graduating from Juilliard and playing those incredible trumpet melodies every night was such a thrill. He brilliantly recognized the similarities between the trumpet and the human voice, utilizing the instrument’s vulnerabilities, expressive capabilities, and inherent strength to carry a song forward.”

Watch Stevens’ “Tell Me You Love Me” video above.

The Ascension is out now via Asthmatic Kitty. Get it here.