Tame Impala’s Trippy ‘Breathe Deeper’ Video Features Psychedelic Bugs And Adorable Lake Monsters

It’s been just about ten months since Kevin Parker released Tame Impala’s fourth studio album, The Slow Rush. The album took five years to complete and debuted alongside extensive touring plans, which were completely scrapped just a month after its release. To suffice, Parker has offered videos alongside several of his The Slow Rush tracks and brought the songs to a handful of late-night talk show performances. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, Parker has shared an animated video for his album’s fan-favorite “Breathe Deeper.”

The visual, directed by Butt Studio, reflects the song’s washed-out, disorienting sound with equally convoluted animation. It follows the perspective of a dragonfly escaping the jaws of a predator and embarking on a psychedelic journey across a swampy landscape.

Ahead of the video’s release, Parker opened up about his songwriting process on The Slow Rush, saying “Breathe Deeper” was actually inspired by walking around stoned in public. “I’ll do anything that gets me inspired, causes those lightning bolts,” he said. “And, with this album, I was doing things that made me uncomfortable just for the purpose of being creative. Because I’m the most creative when I’m uncomfortable. Like I hate being stoned in public. So I’ll get stoned and go to the shops.”

Watch the “Breathe Deeper” video above.

The Slow Rush is out now via Modular. Get it here.