The Goon Sax Break Up: ‘It Feels Like A Happy Ending’

The Goon Sax were supposed to head out on the road with Spoon and Interpol as well as do some shows with Pavement this year. But that won’t be happening. The Australian indie trio announced their breakup today, albeit with an overwhelmingly positive spin, in a decision that calls this decision their way of having “a happy ending.”

Though the statement is optimistic, it’s fairly vague and doesn’t offer real reasoning as to what caused their dissolution. Read the full thing below.

“To all friends of the Goon Sax we have some bittersweet news…after nine years of giving it our everything we’ve decided to draw the curtain on this band. It’s taken us places stranger, more beautiful, and far beyond anything we could have imagined, and brought us to meeting and working with so many special and incredibly inspiring people. Our gratitude to everyone who’s been with us and allowed the madness of the last 9 years to happen is far beyond anything we can palpably express. Although this means we won’t be doing our US tour anymore, including the Interpol & Spoon tour and the Pavement shows, we promise we will play one or two more shows in Australia before we finally say goodnight. For us it feels like a happy ending. We love each other and we love you! thank you for everything ♥️♥️♥️✨
Riley, Louis & Jim”