The Killers’ Brandon Flowers Is Undergoing Surgery Following A Bike Accident

Despite having just released their album Imploding The Mirage, The Killers are already hard at work on new music. But vocalist Brandon Flowers’ health problems could put their work on pause temporarily. The singer recently revealed he was in a bicycle accident, and now he has to go in for surgery to correct a resulting injury.

Flowers and Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. got together to answer fans’ questions in an Instagram Live Q&A. After one fan asked Flowers about his golf game, the singer shared the news about his upcoming surgery:

“I have not golfed in years. I miss it, sometimes. Ron hears about my gripes, but I got bad shoulders. I’ve had both shoulders… they call it ‘decompressed.’ They go in and shave some of the bone off to try and relieve some of the impingement, which causes you pain. So I’ve had that on both and some of you may have seen the picture I posted of when I went over the handle bars on my bike. An injury from that has manifested itself. I have a torn labrum from that shoulder, so I’m going under the knife in a couple of weeks to get that taken care of.”

Elsewhere in the interview, The Killers were asked if they had any special plans for the 20th anniversary of their debut album Hot Fuzz, which was released in 2004. “We’re coming up on 20-year anniversary of Hot Fuss,” Flowers said. “We still got a couple years. But I’m assuming there will be something where we play, celebrate the album and play it start to finish.”

Watch Flowers talk about his shoulder injury above, around the 15-minute mark.