The Killers Are Bringing Some Heat To Fans Through Their New Hot Sauce Line

The Killer have already released their sixth album, Imploding The Mirage, this year, but now they’re back, this time with a foodstuff. The band released four different flavors of hot sauce, each one named after previous songs. One flavor, called “Hot Fuss,” dates back to their 2004 debut album of the same name, while “Fire In Bone” is named after a single off of Imploding The Mirage. The remaining flavors are named after the songs “Caution” and “Blowback,” both off their latest record.

The Killer left a message on the hot sauce’s website that asked fans to “pair with your favorite food and Killers records.”

First of all, thank you for getting involved with our hot sauce! We’ve been involved, with the idea at least, for years. You might say starting the band was just a means to make hot sauce. Yeah, it’s that good. Hotter than Vegas, and with four tasty flavors, it’s more than we thought we’d pull off, to be honest.

Made by hand, in small batches using only the finest ingredients like aged chilis, habanero peppers, cayenne peppers, hickory-smoked sea salt, and a dash of real sin from Las Vegas to make this most fabulous hot sauce on the market. So get ready, folks. Oblige your senses and pair with your favorite food and Killers records. DO IT! Your pals in music and sauce.

The hot sauces are ready to be purchased now on their website with just 2,500 limited-edition cases available.

For more information on The Killers’ hot sauce and to place an order, click here.