Phoenix’s Thomas Mars And Sofia Coppola’s Daughter Made A Bonkers TikTok After Getting Grounded For Trying To Charter A Helicopter

Another day, another fascinating peek behind the curtain of the rich and famous. Just when we thought the conversations about nepo babies had finally fizzled out of the conversation, Romy Mars, the daughter of Phoenix’s frontman Thomas Mars and Oscar-Award-winning filmmaker Sofia Coppola, has thrown her hate into the ring.

In a video uploaded and later deleted from her TikTok page, the the young Romy shared that she had been grounded by her parents and confined within the walls of her family’s manor. Why was she being punished? Because, in her words, “I tried to charter a helicopter from New York to Maryland on my dad’s credit card because I wanted to have dinner with my camp friend.”

As if that wasn’t enough to upset her parents, she also shared that her parents’ biggest rule is “I’m not allowed to have any public social media accounts.” Clearly she disregards that rule as well.

Romy did share that her parents had stated their reasons for keeping her off social media. As Romy explained it, “They don’t want me to be a nepotism kid, but TikTok is not gonna make me famous, so it doesn’t really matter.” Before the video was taken down, it garnered thousands of views.

Watch the full video below.