Travis Barker Flies For The First Time Since His Tragic 2008 Plane Crash

Next month will mark thirteen years since Travis Barker was involved in a tragic plane crash that killed his personal assistant Chris Baker and security guard Che Still as well as the aircraft’s two pilots. The late DJ AM was also on the flight, and while he survived the crash, which was caused by a tire that burst on the runway, he would pass away from a drug overdose less than a year later. The incident left Barker with third-degree burns on 65 percent of his body and the Blink-182 drummer was left to spend 11 weeks in the hospital. Afterward, Barker vowed to never board a plane again, as he already feared flying before the crash. However, according to TMZ, he recently had a change of heart.

Images provided by the publication show Barker boarding a plane with Kris Jenner, Cory Gamble, and his girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian as they ventured off to Cabo, Mexico for vacation. This marks the first time that Barker has been on a plane since the 2008 crash. The group boarded Kylie Jenner’s plane from Los Angeles for the flight, but TMZ reports that Barker was an hour late for takeoff for reasons unknown to the publication. They was also confirmed that the group safely landed in Cabo.

The achievement for Barker comes after he helped announced Machine Gun Kelly’s next album, Born With Horns, thanks to matching tattoos the pair got.