The US Is Getting Its First Drive-In Concert Tour

The ongoing pandemic has changed how the entire music industry operates, most notably on the live entertainment side of things. In-person concerts are a thing of the past at the moment, but some people are looking to change that. A performer in Denmark recently held a drive-in concert, and now electronic musician Marc Rebillet is taking that concept and expanding it into a tour.

Rebillet currently has a string of seven shows lined up (mostly in Texas) for his “Drive-In Concert Tour,” which runs from June to July. Additional dates are expected to be added in the future. Fans will be able to purchase food and merch, and instead of opening acts, short films will be screened.

In a video announcing the tour, Rebillet said (with much enthusiasm), “Guys, check this out. So I know that we’re hungry for live entertainment. God knows I’m hungry to get out there and play for you, which is why I’m super f*cking pumped to announce right now the Marc Rebillet drive-in live concert tour 2020. That’s right, I am coming to drive-in movie theaters and playing motherf*cking shows, dude! Social distancing observed. My team and I have been working super, super hard to put this together quickly and ensure that it happens safely and responsibly. Man, it’s f*cking going down! I’m pumped!”

Check out Rebillet’s upcoming tour dates below.

6/11 — Charlotte, NC
6/18 — Kansas City, KS
6/20 — Tulsa, OK
6/25 — Fort Worth, TX
6/26 — Fort Worth, TX
7/02 — Houston, TX
7/03 — Houston, TX