Vampire Weekend Woke Up In The Daylight To Announce Their New Album, ‘Only God Was Above Us’

Vampire Weekend announced their anticipated new album, Only God Was Above Us, marking the band’s first new record in five years. Recorded around the globe in cities from Tokyo to London, they were “inspired and haunted by 20th Century New York City,” which carries as a theme throughout the songs.

While there are no songs yet released from the album, they did reveal what fans can expect in terms of the tracklist. Vampire Weekend pulled the album title’s inspiration from photos that Steven Siegel took of a New Jersey subway graveyard in 1988.

“In the album’s cover, a man in a toppled subway car reads the May 1, 1988 edition of the New York Daily News — the cover story detailing the horrific explosion that tore the roof off Aloha Airlines flight 243,” the press release notes. “The headline quotes a survivor: ‘ONLY GOD WAS ABOVE US.'”

Along with planned festival appearances, they have also announced that they will be performing at Austin’s Moody Theater on April 8, with the concert starting at noon to time up to an eclipse. Tickets for this will go on sale on Tuesday, February 13 at 10 a.m. CT. More information can be found here.

Check out the album trailer above. Continue scrolling to view Vampire Weekend’s Only God Was Above Us tracklist and cover art.

vampire weekend only god can save us
Columbia Records

1. “Ice Cream Piano”
2. “Classical”
3. “Capricorn”
4. “Connect”
5. “Prep-School Gangsters”
6. “The Surfer”
7. “Gen-X Cops”
8. “Mary Boone”
9. “Pravda”
10. “Hope”

Only God Was Above Us is out 4/5 via Columbia Records. Find more information here.