Wet Leg Brought Out Dave Grohl To Deliver His ‘Longest And Loudest’ Scream During Coachella

Weekend two of Coachella keeps cranking out the surprises. Last night (April 21), two generations of rock came together, as Dave Grohl joined Wet Leg for a special performance of “Ur Mum” from their 2022 self-titled debut album.

When Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers of Wet Leg typically perform “Ur Mom,” they often ask the audience to join in with their “longest and loudest scream”. When they asked the Coachella audience to join in and scream, Grohl emerged from the side of the stage and made a surprise takeover of the microphones, delivering one of his signature banshee screams.

Much of the audience was surprised but thrilled as Grohl nailed the scream.

“Ur Mum” is a favorite of Wet Leg fans, as many fans have found comfort in the song having dealt with break-ups. But since dropping their debut album, Teasdale revealed in an interview with Coup De Main that she has since let go of that anger and resentment she had when writing the song.

“[I]t’s kind of cool to document that headspace that I was in at the time because I definitely couldn’t write a song like that now, because I’m just not angry at anyone,” she said. “I’m actually really in love. So who knows what kind of music we’ll be writing for the second album.”

You can check out a clip of the performance above.