What Songs Can You Expect No Doubt To Perform At Coachella 2024?

With Coachella kicking off tomorrow, fans going will get to experience No Doubt reuniting at the festival — as the band joined as a surprise headliner. Considering they haven’t played in many years, a lot of attendees likely will be witnessing the band’s concert for the first time. Here’s what to know about their expected setlist.

At No Doubt’s last festival show at KAABOO Festival in 2015, they played 21 picks in total, according to setlist.fm. The most songs were pulled from their 1995 album Tragic Kingdom, including some of their biggest hits with “Don’t Speak,” “Just A Girl,” “Spiderwebs,” and “Sunday Morning.”

These tracks, being the most popular, will more than likely reappear during their Coachella set, along with equally loved Rock Steady picks like “Hella Good” and “Hey Baby.”

Check out No Doubt’s setlist below to get an idea of their Coachella picks.

No Doubt Setlist

1. “Hella Good”
2. “It’s My Life” (Talk Talk cover)
3. “Underneath It All”
4. “Settle Down”
5. “Ex-Girlfriend”
6. “Hey Baby”
7. “Sparkle”
8. “New”
9. “Simple Kind Of Life” (acoustic)
10. “Magic’s In The Makeup” (acoustic)
11. “Excuse Me Mr.” (acoustic)
12. “Sunday Morning”
13. “Bathwater”
14. “Happy Now?”
15. “Don’t Speak”
16. “Just A Girl”
17. “Guns Of Navarone” (The Skatalites cover)
18. “End It On This”
19. “Happy Birthday To You” (Mildred J. Hill & Patty Hill cover) (to Gregory Arlt)
20. “Push And Shove”
21. “Spiderwebs”