Gwen Stefani Anticipates ‘Cracking Up’ On Stage During No Doubt’s Coachella Reunion Concert, And She Explained Why

Gwen Stefani headlined the Super Bowl LVIII TikTok Tailgate last Sunday, February 11, and she was joined by her husband, Blake Shelton, to perform their new duet, “Purple Irises.” Stefani will share the marquee with even more familiar faces at Coachella 2024 in April, as it was announced last month that she’s resuming her lead vocalist duties for No Doubt. The iconic band confirmed its reunion on January 16, the same day Coachella revealed No Doubt’s reunion concert on its official 2024 lineup.

Stefani discussed the No Doubt reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, February 14. Kimmel asked how much time has passed since No Doubt performed together, leading to an estimation of nine or 10 years from Stefani, who then squealed, “Ah! That’s so weird!”

“It’s gonna be amazing,” Stefani continued. “And I think what is gonna be hilarious is I know what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna get on stage and look around and just start, like, cracking up because it’s just gonna be like riding a bike. We’re gonna be like, ‘What are we doing? We’re in the future right now. We’re at Coachella!’ It’s gonna be bizarre.”

Stefani also shared that No Doubt has not started rehearsing yet, even though she does not remember the No Doubt discography.

“I don’t remember them, no, not at all,” she said. “I think I’m gonna have to learn probably like eight or nine [songs]. One of the first songs I ever wrote was called ‘Different People,’ and we’re doing that.” Stefani, whether instinctively or performatively, reacted as if she was not supposed to reveal that as the crowd screamed, then rephrased, “We might do that one.”

Watch Stefani’s full interview with Kimmel above, and watch Stefani and Shelton’s “Purple Irises” performance below.