Willow Has A Heartbreak-Induced Exorcism In The Pained ‘Ur A Stranger’ Video

Willow’s follow-up to last year’s Lately I Feel Everything is here. COPINGMECHANISM is her newest LP, whose anticipation was built through tons of great singles like “Hover Like A Goddess” and “Curious/Furious.”

To accompany the release of this new record today, Willow unveiled a music video for the track “Ur A Stranger.” It’s a metallic, bitter heartbreak anthem that’s propelled forward with caustic riffs and Willow’s pained vocals. The video finds her expressing that frustration as fully as possible, having something of an exorcism. There’s also lots of alcohol. After the flash of chaos, the video ends with Willow getting kicked out of a bar.

Willow is set to perform on SNL for the second time this year tomorrow, Oct. 8, about which she said, “I’m nervous obviously, because being with Camila, a really, really good friend of mine, there’s that feeling of comfortability there where you can look across the stage and be like, ‘Girl, we’re in this together. We’re doing this.’ I’m not baring my soul alone on the stage. But now it’s going to be me baring my soul alone on the stage, and I’m just so grateful and so excited, but also sh*tting my pants, slightly.”

Watch the “Ur A Stranger” video above.