UPDATED (7/16): Your Guide To Amazon Prime Day: How To Hunt For The Best Deals This July 15-16


Prime Day is upon us! In what is quickly becoming known as the “Black Friday of the Summer,” Amazon’s Prime Day is so huge that it causes a ripple effect across the entire retail space. Best Buy, Target, Walmart, eBay — each is going to try to rip your attention away from Amazon. Hey, if it means we get to save some money on expensive electronics and appliances, call us Penelope, Amazon can be Odysseus and the big retailers can get to courting (I’ve waited so long to be able to make this reference).

This year’s Prime Day sales will be the longest they’ve ever been, beginning at Midnight PST on July 15th and running for exactly 48 hours, ending at Midnight PST July 17th. The exclusive sales are only open to Amazon Prime members, so if you aren’t a member you should definitely take advantage of the 30-day free trial. If you’re a student that 30-day trial can be as long as six months! Amazon Prime members enjoy free two-day shipping, as well as access to a whole host of movies, original series, and Kindle benefits.

Because Prime Day relies on what they call Lightning Deals — which are promotions on specific items that last for a brief window of time — gathering together all the best deals is a little challenging. So we’re going to show you the best of Amazon’s current sales, as well as give you some tips and tricks that’ll help you win Prime Day and save money.