Why Every College Student Should Travel — An Interview With Andy Steves

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More and more Americans are taking a semester or even a year to study abroad. That’s usually the time when many of us cut our teeth as travelers and catch the wanderlust bug. While figuring out travel in a foreign land with a confusing language is part of the fun, it can also be a blocker for some.

Andy Steves, son of the legendary Rick Steves, has been traveling since before he can remember. When he headed to college, he set out on a different path from his father — before discovering that his lifetime of experiential travel made him the de facto travel agent for friends when he studied in Rome. Steves leaned into the role and now runs a tour agency, which provides study abroad students an outlet to explore the regions around them.

We sat down with Andy Steves and talked travel, his new book series, and how Europe is changing.

WSA Europe

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