Anna Faris Shares Her Unqualified Dating Advice That Might Save You From Another Embarrassing Hookup

If you were looking for a new love guru to drop unqualified advice on your lap, Anna Faris might be willing to fill the role. She’s got a new book on the way full of Unqualified advice, including some hot tips for you folks out there in the dating world. Not everybody is trapped in a loveless marriage with no way out apart from an untimely death, so Faris’ advice could be your way to avoid such things.

She lays out the folks you need to avoid when dating — mostly for the ladies — pointing out that magicians, athletes, and chefs are a no-go. If you’re a comedian, you’re also out of luck in Faris’ book and probably should be grateful. You’re just too weird and morose to date, which should help your material quite a bit. I would assume the tables are turned if you’re a man. Go find yourself a female magician and shack up, at least until they make themselves disappear because you’re a control freak.

Elsewhere during the interview, she discusses her podcast a bit — which inspired the book — and talks about giving advice to random people who call in. This leads the discussion to Chatroulette and all those people who were pleasuring themselves for random strangers to peruse through. Her reaction to it is definitely pretty funny, though. If you’re on Chatroulette in that capacity, you likely need a little cheering on.

(Via Team Coco)