Arby’s Wants To Fly You To Honolulu For $6 To Try Their New Sandwiches


There are all sorts of wonderful travel deals, resorts, and vacation packages out there to help you plan your next big trip. But tomorrow, if you’re looking for an absolutely insane and beautiful weekend adventure, look no further than fast food chain, Arby’s. Yes, we heard ourselves say that sentence, and yes, we stand by it.

In promotion of their three new King’s Hawaiian sandwiches, Arby’s wants to send a few lucky people to Honolulu for a day trip for the pretty reasonable price of $6. We didn’t forget a few zeros there. Six bucks and you could be sunning yourself on the beach in Hawaii. And, okay, it’s not exactly a weekend so much as it is a single wild day of planes, islands, and big meaty sandwiches, but still, we’d argue that’s about as insane as any part of a weekend we can think of. Including Coachella.

The promotion is open to all legal residents of the 50 US states, including D.C., and will consist of two separate offer periods with the first one beginning tomorrow at 12 pm ET, and the second following on April 15th. From the fine print, it appears that only five tickets will be available per offer period (10 total), so you’re going to want to be all over this contest like an Uproxx writer all over a ham sandwich! We love ham, okay?


Your daily itinerary will include a morning flight to Honolulu from Los Angeles, and by noon, you’ll be immersed in the beauty of three iconic Hawaiian landmarks. Only in this case, it won’t be a volcano or the Hana Highway, it’ll be the Big Kahuna Sandwich, the Sweet and Spicy Luau Chicken Sandwich, and the King’s Hawaiian Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich. Which are probably just as beautiful as any old beach. By the time the sun sets, you’ll be on your way back to your plane to take you to the mainland.

To be eligible for the trip, you must be 18 or older and available to travel between 4/26/19 – 4/28/19. All participants will be flown from their state of residence to LAX and then to Hawaii. Tickets will be priced at $6 and must be purchased with a valid credit card.

Visit Arby’s promotional page to watch the countdown.