Your New Favorite Escape From LA Is Only An Hour Down The Road

11.29.16 2 years ago

Balboa Bay Resort

For most people, Los Angeles itself is an oasis. New Yorkers (me, for the last five years) and Chicagoans or other Midwest denizens often flock to the city for sunshine during cold winter months. The twin allures of gleaming Hollywood bars and the beaches of Santa Monica or Venice leave guests from other cities slightly starstruck, too. *Cue up “Party In The USA”*

While it’s true that LA is a great place to live, the city itself can get a little… exhausting. It’s still an enormous megalopolis full of noise, light, and traffic, and just like anything else, once you’re in it 24/7 you’re going to need a change.

Which explains why, when the opportunity came to visit the nearby secluded hamlet of Newport Beach after just a month living in LA, I jumped at the chance. Little did I know this brief weekend getaway would intro me to one of my favorite travel destinations ever, Balboa Bay Resort. It was only about an hour away from Los Angeles proper, but Newport felt like a completely different world, and the sumptuous, secluded resort is exactly the semi-staycation I needed.

Balboa Bay Resort

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