The World’s Best Beers, According To The Masses

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06.05.17 26 Comments

What’s the best beer in the world? That’s a loaded question right there. After accounting for personal palates, marketing propaganda, and the fact that there are 3,000 freaking breweries in America alone — who’s to say, really? Yet, we all have favorites. We all have those beers we’ll stand up for and argue over. We all have beers we just absolutely love. As the world becomes a more globalized place, we have access to more beer now than ever before. But, which are the best?

Well, the masses have spoken. Over at Ranker, they asked what beers really are the best in the world. They got a cool 140,000 votes in reply and these are the ten beers that landed in the top ten.


Pro tip — if a Belgian beer has a monk on it, it’s in the Trappist style and not an actual Trappist Beer. That being said, St. Bernardus is a classic Abbey ale brewed in the ‘quadrupel’ style. That means four times the malts were used to make this deliciously smooth Belgian beer — balancing malt, bitter, and sweetness with aplomb.

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