These ‘Beer Influencers’ Are Actually Worth Following On Instagram

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It’s 2019 and we’re deep into the age of the influencer. The travel influencer, the health influencer, the food influencer, the whiskey influencer, the mommy influencer … the list goes on. Even beer has influencers these days and we’re sorta here for it — because we love beer and want to know as much as we can about the stuff.

Boiled down, an influencer is a model or an expert (or a combination of the two) who’s job is selling you a certain product or lifestyle. 20 short years ago, we were being sold lifestyles — whiskey, beer, surfboards, travel — via the very gated, glossy magazine world of Cosmo, GQ, CondeNast, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and even Playboy. Those gatekeepers of all that is cool and sleek and sexy are still around, but their power to persuade has dwindled. The world is more egalitarian now and hustlers willing to go out and chase experiences on their own have new (ish) platforms for spreading their message.

In fact, there are so many influencers these days that you need help finding the best of the bunch. So we’re going to throw down some of the coolest beer influencers on the scene. These are the Instagram accounts that focus on bringing unique beer adventures (beerventures?) to your feed. Some of them are models, some experts in their field, and some of them just love beer like us.