The 10 Best Pizza And Beer Pairings For Every Occasion

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Pairing beer with pizza is a tale as old as time. A cold mug of suds with a slice goes down all too easy. The thing is, there are seemingly endless amounts of beer these days and countless permutations of pizza styles and toppings. That means picking the perfect beer to pair with a pizza can be a bit of a head-scratcher.

There’s really no hard and fast metric here. This is a list of ten types of pizza (by region and iconic toppings) and beers we love to drink with them. That’s it. It’s a jumping off point to pair a great brew with a great pie.

So, with all of that in mind, let’s pair from pizza and beer!

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Ah, the New York slice. There’s nary a piece of pizza that is more quintessential. It’s cheese, tomato, and bread and it rules the streets of New York. It’s always a safe bet to stick with plain cheese so no one will be offended by anchovies or too much garlic — and just in case Macaulay Culkin decides to drop by.

Pliny The Elder is a good counterpoint to the simplicity of the NY slice — sometimes the best pairings are simple with the complex. Pliny The Elder is a strong double India pale ale that’s hoppy as hell with nice hints of citrus. Watch out for the eight percent ABV on this one. The bottles are big and the alcohol content is high here so, maybe share a bottle with a friend.

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