Picking The Best Budget-Friendly Hotels For Your Next Adventure

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It’s kind of fun to fantasize about nice hotels. To dream the impossible dream of down pillows and over the top service. Sometimes you even get to stay in one of these palaces for a night or two, which leads to you endlessly pontificating about things like thread count and infinity pools the second you get home.

Don’t worry, we’re not hating. Tell us more about the claw-footed bathtub you spent hours in.

But the truth is that a fair bit of the time, when we’re getting ready to hit the road, we’re going to Hotel Tonight or Kayak. And those filters are always set to “Show least expensive hotels first.” Of course, once we check in, things are different. We still want the cozy sheets and the deep tub and the infinity pool. We just didn’t want to pony up for them.

Most times, that’s impossible. But not all the time. There are some pretty astounding properties on this planet for less than $140. Many of them are in developing nations where the dollar goes much further, but a fair few can be found here in the US. These are hotels, hostels, and guesthouses where your money stretches like Elastigirl and you don’t have to lay down much of it. Not the cheapest hotels around the globe, but the cheapest awesome hotels. Trust me, there’s a big difference.

– Steve Bramucci, Travel Editor

Cascade Manor: Paarl, South Africa

The point of staying at Cascade Manor, in South Africa’s Cap Wine Country, is really to get that luxe summer house feel without the cost. And, on that front, this hotel is a smash. You can literally book it right this second for $120. And remember we’re going into summer there.

For that cost, what you get is pretty wild. There’s the pool, the nearby waterfall, the rolling hills, the sprawling grounds… and yes, even many of the most basic rooms have baths. The spa features tubs and a sauna and the rates are affordable. If that’s not your style, do an olive oil tasting between wine tours.

Seriously, this place is such a good value that it’s probably actually a front for some money launderers. It’s TripAdvisor’s #1 Value Hotel on the African continent for a reason.

Rooms start at $120

-Steve Bramucci

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