The Coolest Hotels On Earth For Less Than $100 Per Night

Our Jungle House, Thailand

Hotels are magical places. Staying in one is like the tender beginnings of new love — everything has a rosy glow to it. The view feels quaint: Wow! You really get an awesome view of the airport from up here! The TV is better: Look! The second half of Batman Begins is on! What a TREAT! And even the most mundane breakfast seems amazing: They have hardboiled eggs just sitting there. ALL THE HARDBOILED EGGS I COULD WANT!

Even with our natural proclivty to like hotels, after a day or two we can all tell the good ones from the hovels. There’s just a huge range in quality from the motel that looks like it gave up changing the sheets when Trump took office to the hotel with volcano views and a tub filled with rose petals. And while we might be pretty happy with those hard boiled eggs, let’s face it, we all want the rose petals.

The problem is, for most of us, vacations are expensive enough. We’ve paid for a flight and a rental car. We have to eat out, and pay $200 to fall off a surfboard eight times during a lesson with six-pack abs Pablo. We can’t also drop $500 a night on our dream hotel.

If you’re in that middle place, it may feel like you have to settle for a mediocre stay or deal with a terrible location (Oh I’m sorry, when we said a view of the bay, we meant that condemned billboard of Michael Bay’s 2007 masterpiece Tranformers hanging just over the fireworks stand). But you don’t have to settle. Not even close. It may take a little more digging, but there are incredible places all around the world for $100 or less a night (and the good news is, we’re going to do the digging for you). We found a wide range of awesome choices, from a modern spa feel to a treehouse in the jungle. A few are hostels, but most, are private rooms or bungalows with en suite bathrooms.

What we love about these picks is that these hotels aren’t just affordable options in cool locations. They go the extra mile to be cool, young, and exciting. They’re beautiful but don’t sacrifice on the things that matter like, service, comfort, or activities in the vicinity to keep the prices low.

In short: These are the hotels that you’d stay at whether or not you were on a budget.

Our Jungle House

Where: Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Price: $100 per night

Why it’s cool: You get to stay in a gorgeous treehouse in the middle of the jungle surrounded by a park with: lakes, rivers, and tons of wildlife (including an elephant sanctuary!). The eco-friendly resort has a great restaurant, bar, and will organize amazing tours and hikes.

Our Jungle House would be worth three times the price, but amazingly, it’s super affordable.

Green Rooms Hotel

Where: London, UK

Price: $100 per night

Why it’s cool: This is a hotel that gives artists a discounted rate because they want to encourage it to have a young, creative vibe. That creativity even extends to its restaurant which hosts a hot, up-and-coming chef every six months. Each new chef does a residency during that time in which they design a unique, new menu (so it’s always changing).

Green Rooms’ aesthetic is welcoming — with leather couches and minimalist design touches that include plenty of space for performing or rehearsing. And while it’s a little further from the hustle and bustle, it’s close to public transport. So you can easily get into the busier parts of London if need be (though this hotel is so cool that you might not want to).

Tony’s Villas Bali

Where: Bali, Indonesia

Price: $49 per night

Why it’s cool: Well… we guess you’ll only dig this place if you like beautiful rooms with glass doors that open up to your own private plunge pool, outdoor shower, and soaking tub. Plus, if you’re able to tear yourself away from your villa, the larger resort is gorgeous with a larger pool and bar area for socializing. All within walking distance to the beach.

So… book it immediately.

Hotel Regyn’s Montmartre

Where: Paris France

Price: $78 per night

Why it’s cool: The view is insane. Full stop.

But it’s not just that, everything about this gorgeous hotel is charming. You couldn’t dream up a more idyllic or romantic, bohemian stay. Vintage, patterned wall paper comes with matching cozy beds, the streets around are filled with cafes and restaurants (and right by the metro with easy access to the whole city), and shutters open up to the Eiffel Tower, sparkling in the distance.

It’s a small room, but you have your own bathroom, and honestly-how much time do you want to be stuck in your room in Paris?

Hotel Regyn

Hotel Perseo

Where: Florence, Italy

Price: $94 per night

Why it’s cool: For a budget hotel, it’s rare to rooms that are this large. Even if you’re traveling with a few friends, you’ll have plenty of space. There are fantastic views of the Duomo, and you’re within walking distance of scores of restaurants/bars. Plus, the staff is super friendly, helpful, and known to leave the occasional bottle of Prosecco in the room to greet you.

Maya Beach Hotel

Where: Palencia, Belize

Price: $104

Why it’s cool: This Caribbean-side hotel is a laidback paradise with beach-y bungalows that aren’t just for show. They’re right up on the beach. You walk out your door and your toes are sinking into the sand. The reefs provide great wildlife and diving. And the bistro at Maya’s Beach Hotel is widely considered one of best restaurants in all of Belize (Travel Channel calls it the number one in the country).

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Where: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Price: $80

Why it’s cool: It has a killer pool and is dreamily landscaped. Even though it’s in the middle of the city, it feels tranquil, like you’re at a spa in the middle of nowhere. Vacations can feel hectic at times when you’re trying to pack in as many activities as you can into a short window. Plantation helps you to totally unwind after exploring the city, bringing just a little bit of relaxation in to balance the adventure.

Hotel Market

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Price: $59

Why it’s cool: Often in big cities you have to stay a little out of the action to get a good price, but that’s not true with Hotel Market. It’s within walking distance to parks, shopping/dining (Las Ramblas is a 15 minute walk), and museums — so it’s an ideal location to explore the city. Plus, you get way more than you pay for, the rooms are sleek with modern finishings (that include newer private bathrooms with a big rain shower), it has a trendy restaurant downstairs (with the bar mixing superb craft cocktails), and the breakfast buffet is awesome.

Getting a great private room at a hostel price makes this an insanely good deal.

Hotel Odisej

Where: Mljet, Croatia

Price: $78 per night.

Why it’s cool: Mljet is an island off of Croatia whose lush, green forests and clear, blue waters have captured many a traveler’s imagination. Seriously, Jacques Cousteau raved about the area (obviously it has some amazing diving) and Homer stranded Odysseus there for seven years. It’s a legitimately mythical place. The Hotel Odisej is just as stunning with rooms that have private balconies overlooking the Adriatic sea, and tons of beautiful areas to sit (scattered around the property) that have the perfect view to pair with your favorite cocktail.

The affordability is really just a bonus.

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Freehand, Miami\

Where: Miami, United States

Price: $70 per night

Why it’s cool: Freehand hotels upend the stereotype of hostels being crowded or dirty. They’re gorgeous spaces with a mixture of shared and private rooms that are designed to be chic and trendy. Freehand wants to keep what’s great about a hostel, the affordability and social aspect, without any of the negatives. And they really succeed in Miami. They curate fun activities, have an awesome pool, and their bar’s cocktails win awards.

This is way better and more fun than staying in a traditional hotel, especially if you’re solo traveling.

The Alcove Library Hotel

Where: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Price: $63 per night

Why it’s cool: The library-feel, books stretched to the ceiling, mixed with simple black and white tiled floors makes this vibrant hotel feel both cozy and like a hipster paradise at the same time. And while the rooms aren’t large, they do them up right — centered around a bed that’s one of the most comfortable you could sleep on at any price point.

MoonRaker Beach Hotel

Where: Silver Sands, Barbados

Price: $80 per night

Why it’s cool: It’s in what is called, “surfer’s bay” and there is tons of great surfing in the area. The section of coast the MoonRaker is on is unbelievable and you’ll feel like you’re paying for a private beach. This hotel just does everything well. The rooms are nice, the restaurant’s good, and the beachfront insanely pretty. It would be hard to do better.

Casa Platypus

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Where: Bogotá , Colombia

Price: $61 per night

Why it’s cool: This is the spot for backpackers who are ready to splurge for a little something nice on their South American travels. It’s got a great breakfast, comfy beds, and lovely common space to relax and socialize.

PodShare Los Feliz

Where: Los Angeles, California

Price: $50 per night

Why it’s cool: It’s the place to stay if you’re young, fun, and want to make friends while staying somewhere clean and comfortable. Will you have privacy? Nope. But it’s a pretty decent trade for the pods which are like comfy bunk beds with your own TV.

PodShare has multiple locations in DTLA, Hollywood, Los Feliz, and Venice. I chose Los Feliz because I think it’s probably not used as much as a vacation headquarters but should be. Sure, Venice gives you the beach but Los Feliz has tons of great restaurants, shopping, and bar options. Plus, if you like hiking, you’re right at Griffith Park which gives you amazing hikes from the observatory to the Hollywood sign. And you’re a hop, skip, and a jump away from east LA hotspots Silver Lake and Echo Park. Staying in Los Feliz will have you avoiding more of the tourist traps and living more like a local.

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The Majestic

Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Price: $99 per night

Why it’s cool: It’s beautiful, and true luxury. The soaking tubs in the rooms are the kind of thing you’d put in a dream journal.

This is a really, really nice hotel at a rate that is so low that it’s kind of worth flying to Malaysia specifically to visit. People who stay here fall in love with it.