The Greatest Splurge Hotels To Visit Before You Die

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Let’s get something straight: This is an article about splurge hotels. Some are just “pricey.” Others are straight up out of this solar system. That’s what you’re getting into and it’s better if we’re honest about it up front.

No, we aren’t saying that everyone can afford to stay at these properties. Or even that we can afford to stay at them with anything approaching regularity. But we live in an age when people crave experiences and a luxury hotel is indeed an experience. Want to feel like a baller? Want to go mega-big for a weekend? Want to end a budget trip in style? One of these spots might the right one for you.

If spending huge amounts of cash on dream digs isn’t your vibe, we get it. 100%. But before racing to the comments and calling us out for our exorbitantly priced picks, remember that you were warned. Still… if you demand a palate cleanser after reading, here are some budget picks to re-center your equilibrium.

-Steve Bramucci, Travel Editor

Steamboat Bay: Noyes Island, Alaska

Steamboat Bay

If you want a true splurge that will also grow into a lifelong memory, this is it. Forget about the cash you’re dropping and focus on… just about everything else. The lodge setting, the fishing excursions, the incredibly sophisticated cuisine, the always-on-hand staff — there’s literally nothing about Steamboat Bay’s Lodge and “Residence” (a small-group buyout property a few hundred feet from the main building) that isn’t on point and beautifully buttoned up.

This is the Alaska you always dreamt of: Fighting king salmon while friends cheer you on, watching whales breach so often that it begins to feel commonplace, and sipping whiskey next to a crackling fire as warm, rich scents waft out of the kitchen.

What truly differentiates a great hotel splurge from simply another expensive hotel is that the property does all the little things right. This is where Steamboat Bay shines. The fishing guides are deeply invested in your success. The bartenders are eager to make the perfect rendition of your favorite cocktail. The kitchen team wants to cater to your whims. It’s like literally everyone on staff is a personal concierge. As for the property itself, the beds are massive and so cozy that it’s nearly impossible to drag yourself out from under the covers in time to board your fishing boat at 7am. Once you do though, you’ll be rewarded. Alaska’s vastness, natural beauty, and rugged landscape are all on display and turned up to 11.

This is the opposite of a canned “Alaska Fishing Trip.” Instead, it’s intensely personal — intimate in scope, yet epic in scale.

Rooms start at $4500 for a two-night all-inclusive package.

-Steve Bramucci

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