A Visual Tour Of The Top Cities Millennials Are Moving To

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Millennials are on the move across America. The search for a cool place to live that’s not exorbitantly expensive is pretty high on the priority list for Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 years old. Everyone wants to be where the action is, but they also want to be able to afford the action.

Recently, the Urban Land Institute took a look at the increases in populations across 50 metro areas between 2010 and 2015 and discovered that Millennials are eschewing the big cities like New York and Los Angeles for the smaller cities around America. That’s not to say 20-something aren’t moving to NYC and LA, they are — just not in the numbers that they’re moving to places like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Richmond, Virginia.

Before you go shaming newcomers for ruining your city, it’s important to remember that there was 32 percent increase in births between 1978 and 1990 in America. That means there are simply more people in the millennial generation (once again, boomers are to blame). And while there are some heavy upticks of young adults in certain cities, the actual percentage of millennials living in cities has remained constant since 2010 at 21 percent.

We decided to put together a list of the top ten cities that have received a significant bump in millennials moving to town since 2010. Hey, you never know, maybe you’ll find a new place to call home…


Miami has seen a 6.4 percent increase of millennials since 2010. And it’s not hard to see why, Miami has beaches, parties, art-deco culture, and the best Cubanos going.

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