These Are America’s Ten Best Beaches, According To The Masses

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06.02.17 20 Comments

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It’s summertime! Between now and Labor Day, Americans across the country are going to start plotting escapes from the grind for some well-deserved (benefit of the doubt!) vacay time. Statistically speaking, there’s a pretty good chance a beach is going to be part of the conversation at some point. After all, as Bill Hicks famously said, “it’s where dirt meets water.” And it’s amazing how much fun you can have on that dirt and in that water.

Over at Ranker, they asked their users which beaches really are the best in America. This is important work people… and it’s fun to argue over. No one wants to spend a weekend at a shitty beach. Well, the masses have spoken and, ah, sorry Florida, but not a single one of your beaches made the top ten. Jesus, NY or NJ either. The whole East Coast got screwed.

Is it possible that Californians, with their booming economy and progressive politics, just have more time for Ranker voting? Because they dominated this thing — though several Florida beaches ranked 11-15th and Miami landed at 22nd! Even Oregon’s majestic Cannon Beach slid all the way to a salty 39th.

Let’s jump in.



At the southern end of the OC (don’t call it that) sits a long stretch of gorgeous Southern California beach. There’s some spectacular surf and a nice pier to explore. Plus there’s a train that buzzes past, making it all feel very vintage and Beach Boys-ish.

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