The Best Cocktails In The World, According To The Masses

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The phrase “mixed drink” opens the door to a seemingly-endless number of concoctions. Do you like whiskey? There are dozens of cocktail variations you can order around just that single spirit. Is rum more your speed? Then how about a Daiquiri, Mojito, El Presidente, Papa Doble, or Ron Coco? What we’re saying is that it can be a little intimidating and modern menus are deep. Figuring out your favorite is often a matter of taste, mood, and location.

Over at Ranker they asked their users to pick the ten “best” mixed drinks. Remembering that this is essentially a popularity contest, this list seems pretty solid. There are some heavy-hitting classics and a well-rounded representation of styles from tiki to old-school. Plenty of would-be Ron Swansons will be bummed that the Old Fashioned didn’t make the top ten, and the Negroni was ranked at 22 (which — come on — learn to love the bitterness, people), but still… you couldn’t go wrong mixing yourself one of these on a Friday afternoon. Or just “noon.” Or mid-morning.


Brazil’s signature drink comes in at number ten. This is mix of dark sugar, fresh lime, and Cachaça (a South American rum that’s grassy and more “raw” tasting) is the perfect summer elixir to transport you to sunny beaches.

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