2,000 Year Old Butter And The History Of Hot Chicken Lead Off The Week’s Best Food Videos

There’s a lot going on in the food world. Things move quickly. Something is hot, then it’s gone completely. It seems almost impossible to keep up with the conversation. Farms, burgers, ice cream — there’s just so much food content to keep you sated. We’d like to help you stay on top of things, so we’ve put together a few of our favorite food videos from the week that was.

Is It Worth Working Out Just To Eat Fast Food?

Uproxx’s own Ben Esch dives deep into pain versus gain in this video. Ben explores whether a calorie credit is worth trading for In-N-Out’s infamous, and delicious, Double-Double.

Living And Eating In China For Just $20 A Day

The dollar goes a long way in various corners of the world. Check out the Food Ranger’s tour of Chengdu’s various culinary delights — all while spending less than twenty bucks. Oh, and there are chilli-stewed rabbit heads.

Produce Is Being Rescued To Help Feed At Risk Families

As a collective group, we throw out an insane amount of food. In fact, we produce twice the amount of food everyone on the planet needs. Alas, too many go hungry. Part of the problem is the misleading world of sell by dates. But, that’s only a small piece of the pie. Check out this organization rescuing food from trash heaps and giving it to people in need.


The runny golden yolk of an egg makes almost everything better. Yet, cooking an egg correctly isn’t all that easy. Here’s a handy guide to cook your egg yolks perfectly and have them ready to serve all the time.

Making Mochi

Mochi is a delicious glutinous rice ball. Making Mochi takes some skill, time, and brute force. Watching this video, all we can think is that it’s crazy this dude’s hands haven’t been pummeled into glutinous mush along with the rice.

Colbert “Tastes” Some 2,000 Year Old Bog Butter

Bog butter from the time of Jesus was discovered in Ireland. We think we’ll take fresh butter from the grocery store if that’s okay.

Nashville And Hot Chicken

The master chef behind Prince’s Hot Chicken in Nashville gets a chance to tell us why we love it so damn much in this quasi-surrealist short documentary. If you try it, make sure you have a nice cold beer to wash down the heat.

The Life Of A Brewmaster

Brewing beer is a passion. Maybe that’s why only monks did it for so much of our history. Brewing beer is evidently also super dangerous and kinda boring.

2-Minute Pickles

Making pickles used to take months. You make some brine, chop some veg, can it all in a jar, and see you next year. Not anymore, here’s a handy recipe to make perfect crunchy pickles in about 2 minutes to top that tasty burger.

Why Do Kids Crave Sugar?

We remember the days well, coming back from school and raiding the cookie jar, or climbing up on the kitchen counter to get at those hard to reach candies that mom hid. Turns out there’s a good reason we all craved the sweet stuff when we were little whippersnappers.

How To Eat Mussels

Mussels are a wonderful salty delicacy from the big blue sea. Toss ’em with a little sauce of white wine, crème fraîche, garlic, all spice, and shallots. Done. Let Alexandra Shapiro be your mollusk sherpa and guide you on the ways of noshing on a steaming bowl of mussels properly.

Take A Tour Of The Tabasco Factory

Tabasco became the go-to hot sauce around the world long before Sriracha rose to hipster stardom. Everyone has their favorite hot sauce. That’s cool. Check out this tour of the Tabasco factory for some spicy inspiration.

Recipe Of The Week!

The Panzerotti is a calorie bomb targeting your will. It’s basically just a deep fried calzone. And it’s delicious. Learn how to make the Italian classic this week with the Food Busker.

Drink Of The Week!

The Penicillin is a classic whisky cocktail. A little ginger, a little lemon, a little honey and bam! You have yourself a refreshing summer cocktail in your hands. Get that Boston shaker ready!