The Best Frozen Burritos On The Market, According To The Masses

Frozen burritos are always there for you. They’re the quintessential hangover meal, late-night stoner nibble, and an old-school post-work snack. A simple flour tortilla stuffed with beans, protein, spicy sauce, and cheese hits a very nostalgia-driven sweet spot for so many of us. Naturally, people are gonna have strong opinions about them.

To help us find the best frozen burritos on grocery store shelves, we hit up Ranker. After thousands of votes, a top ten list emerged that’s… well, it’s pretty hard to argue with. Maybe the masses are better with frozen foods than they are with alcohol?

Check the list below and let us know what you think. Uproxx’s own definitive ranking is on the way!

10. Red’s All Natural Burritos


The Burrito:

It feels like Red’s should get some more love on this list. The brand has a solid organic line with plenty of burrito fillings with serious heft and good ingredients in play. The fact that there are still real pieces of individual ingredients — like beans, meat, peppers, and so on — makes for a nice change from the reddish mush in several other entries on the list.

The Best Flavor:

Grab the All Natural Steak Burrito. It’s big, bold, and full of enough actual steak, peppers, and beans that helps this one feel like more than just another snack.

9. Las Campanas Burritos

Las Campanas

The Burrito:

This feels more like a number ten if you ask us. Las Campanas are fine… for what they are. This is squarely in the “mush inside of tortilla”-territory and suffers from a certain blandness that’s either endearing (if you were raised with these) or a bit of a disappointment (if you weren’t).

That being said, these do make for decent chimichangas if you thaw and then fry them.

The Best Flavor:

Grab a Red Hot Beef. You really need a flavor punch with these frozen burritos and the Red Hot delivers just that.

8. Evol Burrito


The Burrito:

Whole Food’s answer to the frozen burrito is … fine. There’s a sense of real ingredients in the tortilla. But, these burritos are always on the bland side with a lack of deep seasoning. If you have a drawer full of Taco Bell salsa packs, you’ll be all set. If not, you might want to buy a bottle of hot sauce to douse this burrito.

The Best Flavor:

Grab the Bean, Rice, and Cheddar. The meatier versions of this burrito line tend to be a tad dry or under-seasoned. The classic bean, rice, and cheese is perfectly suitable — especially if you have a tub of guacamole to use as a dipper.

7. Patio Burritos


The Burrito:

Patio is exactly a middle-of-the-road frozen burrito. The mushy filling neither shines nor disappoints. It’s the sort of burrito you get at two-in-the-morning from a 7-Eleven while stoned and then end up kind of regretting around 2:15.

The Best Flavor:

Grab a Beef and Bean Hot. This is another burrito where you need more bang for your buck when it comes to spice. While this burrito won’t have you dreaming of your next indulgence, it will fill you up without any overly offensive aspects.

6. Don Miguel Burritos

Don Miguel

The Burrito:

These burritos are another frozen snack that is perfectly fine for what they are. Maybe it’s the years of growing up with a big box of these from Costco in the freezer at home, but the tortilla filled with cheesy and reddish burrito mush does feel like it tasted better than the others.

These also make for an easy and tasty chimichanga if you want to take the time to fry them up.

The Best Flavor:

Grab The Bomb! This is a hefty burrito of beef, beans, and cheese all mushed into a 1,000 calorie burrito with a nice hit of spice.

5. Reynaldo’s Jumbo Burritos


The Burrito:

These are legitimately big burritos with distinct flavors that hold up. The 10-ounce burritos are big enough that you really only need one. The ingredients are a nice bridge between the mush fillings and real pieces of beans, meats, and rice.

The Best Flavor:

Grab a Beef and Potato jumbo burrito. Potato is always a solid add-in to any burrito and really helps this one stand out from the crowd.

4. Amy’s Kitchen Burritos

Amys Kitchen

The Burrito:

Amy’s are probably the best all-around burrito on this list (especially if we discount nostalgia). The ingredients hold their integrity, they’re also high-quality and organic. And these burritos tend to always be pleasantly tasty and filling.

The Best Flavor:

Grab a classic Beans and Rice burrito. Don’t expect too much spice built into the burrito. We highly recommend grabbing a solid hot sauce for dabbing each bite.

3. Jose Ole Burritos

Jose Ole

The Burrito:

These are solid frozen burritos. They really should be in the number one slot, all things considered. The tortilla always holds up. The filling mush is bold and clearly flavored and seasoned. Yes, this is just a frozen burrito but it gets the job done and you don’t feel regret after eating one (or two).

The Best Flavor:

Grab the Steak and Cheese Chimichanga. Look, you can’t beat a chimichanga, so getting to enjoy a chimichanga without having to fry it is a win. Plus, this burrito has a decent filling with real flavors built in.

2. El Monterey

El Monterey

The Burrito:

El Monterey burritos are fine but certainly not a number two on the market. The fillings tend to be on the bland side and the tortillas are a bit listless. There’s also a bit of a greasy factor that makes these somewhat messy for your hands. It’s not ideal.

The Best Flavor:

Grab a Beef and Bean Red Chili. Our tip would be to skip the microwave and fry one up instead. It’ll add a little more stability to the burrito’s form and amp up the flavors.

1. Tina’s Burritos


The Burrito:

Tina’s at number one feels perfectly acceptable. The burrito is a standard flour tortilla wrapped around bean mush, cheese, and meat. Tina’s frozen burritos aren’t going to blow your mind, but they’re absolutely going to satisfy a craving. And sometimes that’s enough.

Plus, the nostalgia factor is huge here.

The Best Flavor:

Grab a Red Hot Beef. The mix of spice, actual beef, and mushy beans makes for an easy burrito experience that you won’t regret 20 minutes later.