The Best Hangover Cures, According To The Masses


This story is being republished, for obvious reasons.

Ugh. Hangovers. When you have the pounding in your head, that dry mouth, that taste of acid in your throat, the aches in your muscles… you start to wonder if drinking alcohol is even worth the trouble. Then, there you are the next weekend, drink in hand, trying to do your best Yeezy at a karaoke bar.

Rinse, remix, repeat. No regrets. For those of us who just have to let loose a little, a hangover is part of the package. The next day you’re gonna want to curse Dionysus, Bacchus, and maybe even Jesus and his winemaking ways for the pounding in your head. There’s a slew of advice out there for hangover cures. But, like drink preferences, most cures are very personal. Some brewers swear by vitamin B supplements (yeast) to counteract what alcohol is actually doing to you physically. Other studies have shown that the fatty amino acids in bacon replace the proteins alcohol removes from your gut. Sometimes, you just need to rehydrate and fix a massive sugar crash — we’re looking at you Jack and Coke drinkers.

So, what is the best hangover cure out there? Well, the good people over at Ranker asked this very question. An interesting top ten shook out that hits on a little savory, a little hair of the dog, and a little sweetness. Let’s dive in and see what the masses had to say.