The Best Kitchen Gifts For The Wannabe Chef In Your Life


For those of us obsessed with food, cooking is pure fun. It’s a recreation that allows us to slow down, focus our creativity, and practice new skills, all while still feeling functional. Whether it’s dreaming up haute cuisine for a date or making comfort food for a house party — everyone needs to eat.

With Christmas rapidly approaching (only two more days to get things shipped on time!) we’re bringing you the best gifts for the would-be chef in your life. Some of these are high-level gadgets you’ll only find in top-notch restaurants. Others are basic but necessary items for the well-equipped home cook. Either way, you can bet that these gifts will leave the food aficionado in your life eager to race into the kitchen and start experimenting. Which just might be a big win for you!

-Steve Bramucci, Editor Uproxx Life



I dare you to find a chef who isn’t at least partially obsessed with A) knives, and B) cheese. They’re the two true loves of most anyone who spends time in the kitchen. As such, a cheese knife set is going to go over like gangbusters. Wüsthof knives sit right at the price-functionality-performance sweet spot. They aren’t exceedingly expensive custom items, but they are absolutely professional grade.

This three-knife set with a bamboo box is a conversation piece in and of itself. It begs questions about the practicalities of cutting hard vs. soft cheeses (insert your own jokes here), and the unique flavors of the cheeses themselves. Plus it feels fancy AF. That’s a winning gift. -SB

Buy it here for $249.95



This is the perfect product for someone who’s trying to up their kitchen game in a hurry. It’s a virtual assistant that Google is specifically marketing to home cooks (though there are plenty of other smart home and personal applications). Functionality wise, it’s pretty much the best sous chef you could ever hope for.