Chefs Tell Us The Best Gifts To Buy For The Cook In Your Life

best gifts for cooks

There is a decided joy in purchasing gifts. If you have the money to do it and you can come up with a solid idea, then purchasing goodies for the people that you love is a heady rush. Now, we can’t help you raise ready money to play Santa, but we can help you come up with ideas for perfect prezzies, especially if you have a culinary enthusiast in your midst. When people are super into food, they love all the tools and resources that allow them to get deeper into that hobby.

And, who better to speak to what a home chef wants than a professional chef?

We spoke to 27 chefs and industry professionals and asked what they want for winter holiday gifts, and they were happy to open up about the things (mostly knives) that they are dying to find under the tree. Surely, it’s better to go straight to the source than to find yourself buying some flash in the pan gadget that is gonna end up in the back of a drawer or melted to the bottom of the dishwasher. We want better for you and the chef in your life.